Project and design

Construction and assembly

Installation and test

Who we are

A short description of our company

  • Our experience

    MEC Project is able to offer the customer complete products from the point of view of design and construction, both for small and large turnkey plants.

  • Reliability

    Our expertise is addressed to several industrial sectors, proposing innovative solutions with a high technological content, without underestimating feasibility of construction, safety, flexibility, materials and treatments.


Our products

Muselet machine

Machine for production of safety muselets


Tinplate discs or caps moulder

Team of robots

Machine for packaging food products

How we work

Realisation phases


The purpose of the design phase is to develop the product taking into consideration a series of essential requirements such as functionality, safety and costs.


The construction of mechanical parts is carried out within the company using digital technologies both in the construction phase and in the quality control phase.


The assembly phase allows the customer to see the final realisation of a mechanical group or a complete machine in all its parts.

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